Agile HR Certified Practitioner Workshop (inglise keeles)

Training duration: 16 academic hours (2 days)

Target audience: The intended audience for this course is anyone working in Human Resource Management.

Prerequisites: No previous knowledge of Agile required.

Agile HR is a revolution, defining the future of work. Become an Agile HR Certified Practitioner and future-proof your career

  • Tailored for HR professionals by HR professionals, not tech-oriented Agile
  • Intensive, practical and interactive
  • Immediate hands-on experience applying Agile HR mindset and tools to real HR topics
  • For all organisational contexts from full Agile to hybrid or just starting with Agile
  • Each day is simulated like a sprint (in Scrum) using a Scrum board, user stories, stand-ups and time-boxed activities
  • All learning is mapped against the Agile People Ops Capability Model ©

Contents of this training

Day 1

  • Explore Agile mindset as a response to an increasingly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world and the implications for HR and the future of work
  • Discover how Agile teams and organisations work, through Agile frameworks deep dive
  • Get comfortable with terms like Scrum, Kanban and incremental development
  • Translate Agile into HR and people practices
  • Gain practical tools to apply Agile HR back in your organisation

Day 2

  • Explore HR’s role in Agile organisational transformation, the importance of leadership and different approaches to scaling Agile
  • Apply Agile HR techniques to your own project or complex problem
  • Validate decisions using data, metrics and employee experience
  • Test out design thinking to strengthen your human-centric approach
  • Use personas, experience mapping and user stories
  • Evolve the HR operating model to support Agile working, collaboration and transparency through the cycle of test, learn and adapt

agilehrPost-workshop Certification

  • Choose a real HR organisational project and record a short video about what you’ve achieved
  • Apply the Agile People Ops Capability Model and summarise your work using the slide template provided
  • Upon passing the assessment you’ll receive your E-Badge and Certificate

Reasons to attend

  • Your organisation is going Agile and you need to lead or be a key contributor to this transformation
  • Your tech or product unit are working Agile and you need to redesign your people practices to support this way of working
  • You want to build collaborative networks to enable innovation and agility within your business
  • You’re conscious of the future of work and are seeking ways to redesign or update HR to fit the modern world
  • You want to build great places to work and attract the best talent
  • You work in a digital, product development, creative design or a start-up company and do things differently
  • You’re sick and tired of people not liking you at parties because you work in HR! 🙂

Learning outcome

  • Understand why organisations are ‘going Agile’ and the implications for HR and the future of work
  • Gain practical tools and evidence-based methods to start applying Agile HR to your own work
  • Co-create a great employee experience using Agile HR techniques and design thinking
  • Learn to manage risk and prioritise your HR portfolio of work with stakeholders and customers
  • Boost your own productivity and effectiveness with Agile HR
  • Lead successful projects and design HR services that your people and leaders actually want and need
  • Be a trusted business partner able to consult on Agile and digital organisational transformation
  • Coach leaders and teams to build Agile networks of collaboration
  • Begin to evolve your own HR operating model for Agile working and collaboration

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27.aug. 2020 - 28.aug. 2020


2 päeva
09:30 - 17:00


1390€ +km


Nordic Koolitus
Lõõtsa 5, 11415 Tallinn


  • Riina Hellström
    Riina Hellström
    Agile HR Community Co-founder & Trainer

    Riina is an Agile HR pioneer and enterprise organisational development professional. She was one of the first to start working with #AgileHR in 2010, when she began the Finnish Agile HR network, now over a thousand people strong and still growing. With a solid background in HR, Riina has now trained hundreds of HR professionals in Lean HR and Agile HR.

    Riina works as a development and change architect, supporting change on scale and all levels of an organisation, involving Agile and lean methodologies, progressive training and facilitation, people technology, advanced analytics and cognitive computing. She uses Agile ways to accelerate companies into the next digital era of people operations.

    Riina holds a M. Sc. degree in technology and an array of Agile certificates. She’s also a professional certified coach and has an Executive Master’s degree in applied neuroscience from Middlesex University, bringing theoretical background and hard science to her work.

    Her specialty is getting things planned with an Agile twist, from a modern and respectful change perspective, and then engaging people into participating and getting things done, delivered, together.