Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud algkursus (e-õpe, inglise keeles)

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Sihtgrupp: This course is for students new to Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud.

Koolitusel osalemise eeldused:

Experience in the following would be useful for this Dreamweaver class:

  • HTML
  • CSS

To complete the training and get a certification you need to pass the quiz 100%.


Koolituse teemad:

This Dreamweaver CC training class is for people new to Dreamweaver. You will learn to create HTML- and CSS-based websites without writing any code. Although HTML and CSS are not prerequisites for the class, if you have some experience with them, you will have a better appreciation of the power of Dreamweaver.

1. A Quick Overview of Web Development

  • Client-side Programming
    1. HTML
    2. Cascading Style Sheets
    3. JavaScript
    4. Dynamic HTML
    5. Ajax
    6. Adobe Flash
  • Server-side Programming
    1. Perl
    2. ColdFusion
    3. Active Server Pages
    4. Java EE
    5. ASP.NET
    6. PHP
    7. Ruby on Rails
  • Test

2. Getting Started with Dreamweaver

  • The Role of Dreamweaver
  • Welcome Screen
  • Dreamweaver Workspaces
  • Creating HTML Pages
  • Code View vs. Design View
  • The Dreamweaver Interface
    1. Panels
    2. Insert Panel
    3. Properties Inspector
    4. CSS Styles Panel
    5. Files Panel
  • Dreamweaver CC Setup of Deprecated Data Tools
  • Previewing Your Page in the Browser
    1. Preview in Browser
    2. Live View
  • Setting up a Web Site
  • Edit Preferences
  • Test

3. Creating HTML Pages

    1. Understanding HTML Doctypes
    2. Adding a Title to Your Page
    3. Paragraphs, Headings and Blockquotes
      1. Paragraphs
      2. Headings
      3. Blockquotes
    4. Breaks and Horizontal Rules
    5. Special Characters
  • Test

4. Links

  • Adding Links
  • Absolute vs. Relative Paths
    1. Absolute Paths
    2. Relative Paths
    3. Default Pages
  • Targeting New Windows
  • Email Links
  • Anchors
  • Quick Tricks for Adding Links in Dreamweaver
    1. Point to File
    2. Browse for File
    3. Drag File from Files Panel
  • Test

5. Images

  • Inserting Images
    1. Accessibility Attributes
    2. Image Properties
  • Image Links
  • Rollover Images
  • Image Maps
  • Inserting Photoshop .psd documents directly – Photoshop Smart Objects
  • Test

6. Lists

  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
    1. Nesting Lists
    2. Converting Lists
  • Definition Lists
  • Converting Existing Content to Lists
  • Test

7. Tables

  • Adding a Table to your Page
  • Sorting Tables
  • Modifying Tables
    1. Inserting Rows
    2. Inserting Columns
    3. Inserting Multiple Rows or Columns at One Time
    4. Merging Cells
    5. Splitting Cells
  • Importing Data into Tables
  • Dreamweaver and Styling Tables
  • Test

8. Styling Content

  • HTML Structure
    1. HTML Elements
    2. Attributes
    3. Blocks and Inline Elements
  • CSS Rules
  • Selectors
    1. Type Selectors
    2. Descendant Selectors
    3. Class Selectors
    4. ID Selectors
    5. ID vs. Class
  • Modifying the Rule
    1. Making Sure the CSS File Saves
  • CSS Properties
    1. Type
    2. Background
    3. Block
    4. Box
    5. Border
    6. List
  • The Cascade
    1. Embedded Style Sheets
    2. Inline Styles
  • Units of Measurement
  • Test

Koolituse eesmärk

The main purpose of this e-course is to give students a good understanding of the basics of Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud (CC).

Koolituse õpiväljundid

After completing this course, students will:

  • Learn to define a site in Dreamweaver.
  • Learn to format text with Dreamweaver.
  • Learn to work with lists and nested lists.
  • Learn to add images, image maps, and rollover images.
  • Learn to work with tables.
  • Learn to format pages with CSS.


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