Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud algkursus (e-õpe, inglise keeles)

Koolituse maht: 24 akadeemilist tundi ehk 3 õppepäeva, mille saad endale sobivale ajale jaotada.

Sihtgrupp: This course is for students new to Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud.

Koolitusel osalemise eeldused: Previous experience is not required.

To complete the training and get a certification you need to pass the quiz 100%.


Koolituse teemad:

Adobe InDesign is a robust layout and typography program that allows integration of text, graphics, and interactive elements in a rich design layout that can be published by commercial printers as well as in digital venues. This introductory training class is designed to familiarize the student with the many tools and utilities available in InDesign, as well as workflow principles that you will need to make the most of the software.

1. Getting to Know the Environment

  • Menus and Navigation
  • Panels
  • Tools
  • Workspaces
  • Rulers and Guides
  • File Management
  • Display Performance
  • Exercise: InDesign Environment
  • Test

2. Creating a Project

  • Creating a Project
  • Adding Page Elements
  • Edit Elements with Control Panel
  • Exercise: Create a New Project
  • Duplication
  • Arrange Objects
  • Exercise: Arrange Objects
  • Complex Objects
  • Edit Complex Objects
  • Exercise: Complex Objects
  • Text Objects
  • Placing Text
  • Exercise: Working with Text
  • Print Preview
  • Working with Multiple Pages
  • Test

3. Working with Graphics

    1. Workplace Setup
    2. Working with Color
    3. Exercise: New Color Project
    4. Working with Gradients
    5. Abstract Frames
    6. Anchored Objects
    7. Exercise: Gradients and Frames
    8. Organizing with Layers
    9. Working with Effects
    10. Object Styles
    11. Exercise: Special Features
    12. Working with Video
  • Test

4. Working with Text

  • Text Placeholders
  • Import Text from Word
  • Text Threading
  • Frame Breaks
  • Exercise: Place Text
  • Missing Fonts
  • Typography
  • Character Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Text Wrap
  • Text Alignment
  • Exercise: Building a Page Layout
  • Type on a Path
  • Glyphs Panel
  • Exercise: Advanced Text
  • Test

5. Master Pages

  • Working with Master pages
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Working with Position
  • Exercise: New Master Pages
  • Import/Export Master Pages
  • Setting Defaults
  • Master Page Tools
  • Flow of Text on Master Pages
  • Set Defaults for Text Frames
  • Set Page Numbers
  • Exercise: Edit Master Pages
  • Test

6. Working with Templates

  • Create a Project from a Template
  • Replace and Fix Missing Objects
  • Using the Links Panel
  • Exercise: New Project from a Template
  • Create Structure Using Master Pages
  • Place Files
  • Exercise: Add Content and Master Pages
  • Working with Styles
  • Bullet and Number Lists
  • Place and Create Tables
  • Exercise: Work with Styles and Objects
  • Save as a Template
  • Test

7. Advanced Techniques

  • Types of Variables
  • Hyperlinks
  • Exercise: Variables and Hyperlinks
  • Object Stacking Order
  • Find/Change Options
  • InDesign Libraries
  • Exercise: Libraries
  • Forms
  • Exercise: Forms
  • Test

8. Printing and Proofing a Project

  • Spell Check
  • Convert Text to Outline
  • Save and Package
  • PDF Bookmarks
  • Exercise: Proof and Send
  • Table of Contents
  • Exercise: Table of Contents
  • Printing
  • Save as PDF
  • Save as EPUB
  • Exercise: Printing Variations
  • Test

9. Design Principles

  • Page Layout Principles
  • Terminology
  • Test

10. Designing for Web

  • New Document Setup
  • Create Buttons with Actions
  • Adding Animation
  • Export to HTML
  • Test

Koolituse eesmärk

The main purpose of this e-course is to give students a good understanding of the basics of Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud (CC).

Koolituse õpiväljundid

After completing this course, students will:

  • Understand the InDesign workspace.
  • Create basic page elements.
  • Place images and text.
  • Learn about typography and formatting text.
  • Learn to manage fonts.
  • Understand and work with InDesign templates.
  • Learn about styles, and how they impact productivity.
  • Use Master Pages to create design consistency.
  • Learn how to work with tables.
  • Learn about color management.
  • Learn to define bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Learn to control hyphenation.
  • Learn to preflight files before output.
  • Understand PDF options.
  • Learn to package an InDesign file for hand-off.


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