Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud algkursus (e-õpe, inglise keeles)

Koolituse maht: 24 akadeemilist tundi ehk 3 õppepäeva, mille saad endale sobivale ajale jaotada.

Sihtgrupp: This course is for students new to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

Koolitusel osalemise eeldused:

Experience in the following is required for this Photoshop class:

  • Experience with basic software programs such as Microsoft Word

Experience in the following would be useful for this Photoshop class:

  • Although not required, using two monitors for this class is strongly recommended.

To complete the training and get a certification you need to pass the quiz 100%.


Koolituse teemad:

In this Adobe Photoshop CC class, students will learn to use Photoshop for sizing, image editing, and color correction. Students will also explore creative effects with brushes and other tools.

1. Exploring the Photoshop Workspace

  • Resetting the Photoshop Preferences
  • Tools and Navigation
  • The Options Bar
  • Artboards
  • Panels and the Panel Dock
  • Test

2. Image Size and Resolution

  • Understanding Raster Images: The Relationship between Size and Resolution
  • Targeting Resolution for Print and Web
  • Using the Crop Tool
  • Saving an Image for the Web
  • Export Artboards
  • Adding Canvas to an Image
  • Test

3. Selection Tools

    1. Simple Selection Techniques
    2. The Magic Wand and Quick Selection Tools
    3. Layer Masks
    4. The Refine Edge Feature
    5. Working with the Pen Tool
    6. Using Paths to Make Selections
    7. Select Image Areas in Focus
  • Test

4. Painting

  • RGB and CMYK Color Models
  • Working with the Brush Tool and Brush Panels
  • Introduction to Brush Blending Modes
  • Test

5. Retouching

  • Retouching and Restoration
  • Using the Clone Source Panel
  • Test

6. Color Correction

  • Using Blending Modes for Simple Color Correction
  • Working with Adjustment Layers
  • Test

7. Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Expanding on the the Basics
  • The Black & White Adjustment Layer
  • Clipping Masks
  • Blending Images with a Gradient Mask
  • Smart Objects
  • Test

8. Working with Type and Vector Shapes

  • Vector Shapes
  • Working with Type
  • Test

9. Designing for Web

  • Guides and Organization
  • Slice Tools
  • Save for Web
  • Test

10. Preparing Final Art

  • Preparing an Image for Print Production
  • File Formats
  • Test

Koolituse eesmärk

The main purpose of this e-course is to give students a good understanding of the basics of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC).

Koolituse õpiväljundid

After completing this course, students will:

  • Become familiar with the Photoshop workspace.
  • Learn to work with images.
  • Learn selection techniques.
  • Learn how to collage images from various sources.
  • Learn to create layer masks.
  • Understand color models.
  • Learn to use brush tools for painting and retouching.
  • Understand basic color correction principles and techniques.
  • Use the Layers panel for adjustments, clipping, and special effects.
  • Learn to prepare final art for web and print.
  • Learn design techniques for web.
  • Learn to prepare final art.


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