PHP algajatele (e-õpe, inglise keeles)

Koolituse maht: 56 akadeemilist tundi ehk 7 õppepäeva, mille saad endale sobivale ajale jaotada.

Sihtgrupp: This course is for students new to PHP.

Koolitusel osalemise eeldused (soovitavalt): HTML and CSS experience is required for this PHP class.

To complete the training and get a certification you need to pass the quiz 100%.


Koolituse teemad:

In this PHP training course, students will learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL.

Lesson 1: PHP Basics

  • How server-side programming works.
  • How PHP works.
  • To write a simple PHP page.
  • About variable scope.
  • The difference between single and double quotes.
  • To pass values from one page to another via the URL.
  • To recognize and look up documentation on PHP functions.
  • To understand and work with simple PHP variables.
  • To write user-defined functions.
  • To include files in other files to avoid rewriting the same content.
  • To display error messages during development.
  • Test

Lesson 2: PHP Conditionals

  • To work with if – elseif – else conditions in PHP.
  • To work with switch / case statements in PHP.
  • To use the ternary operator.
  • To use the null coalescing operator.
  • Test

Lesson 3: Arithmetic Operators and Loops

  • To use PHP operators.
  • To use the modulus operator.
  • To work with loops in PHP.
  • Test

Lesson 4: Arrays

  • To work with indexed arrays.
  • To work with associative arrays.
  • To work with two-dimensional arrays.
  • To work with array-manipulation functions.
  • Test

Lesson 5: Working with Databases

  • To work with object-oriented PHP.
  • To connect to a database.
  • To use phpMyAdmin.
  • To query a database and display records.
  • To paginate through records.
  • To sort records.
  • To filter records.
  • Test

Lesson 6: Exception Handling

  • To catch and gracefully handle exceptions.
  • To log errors.
  • Test

Lesson 7: PHP and HTML Forms

  • To process form data with PHP.
  • Test

Lesson 8: Sending Email with PHP

  • To send emails using PHP’s built-in mail() function.
  • To send email using PHPMailer, a PHP extension with more features than mail().
  • Test

Lesson 9: Authentication with PHP and SQL

  • To safely store passwords and pass phrases.
  • To create and work with tokens.
  • To manage session variables.
  • To manage cookies.
  • To create a login form.
  • To create a logout page.
  • To create a registration form.
  • To create a pass phrase reset form.
  • Test

Lesson 10: LAB: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Poems

  • To insert, update, and delete records by doing a hands-on lab.

Lesson 11: Uploading Files

  • To upload images through a form to the server.
  • Test

Koolituse eesmärk

The main purpose of this e-course is to give students a good understanding of the basics of PHP.

Koolituse õpiväljundid

After completing this course, students will:

  • learn how PHP works;
  • learn the basic syntax of PHP;
  • learn to create dynamic interactive pages with PHP;
  • learn to manipulate files with PHP;
  • learn to work with arrays in PHP;
  • learn to validate forms with PHP;
  • learn to write functions in PHP;
  • learn to manipulate and manage database data with PHP;
  • learn to authenticate users with PHP;
  • learn to manage sessions with PHP;
  • learn to work with the MDB2 package;
  • learn advanced form validation with regular expressions;
  • learn to send email with PHP;


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