Practical IT and Management Trainings

Practical skills

Our trainings are hands-on and skill-oriented. You won't hear long and boring theoretical lessons from our trainers. Instead you will learn useful skills to apply to your job.

High quality with reasonable prices

We aim for long-term sustainability to create value for our customers and partners. Our prices are reasonable to make high quality learning available for smaller companies as well.

Long-term partnerships and friendly service

We don't believe in aggressive sales and we are not going to bother you with e-mail spam. If you need a training we are always there for you to assist you in finding the best solutions.


  • Simple, smooth and fast dealings

    We make ordering and participation processes as smooth as possible so you don´t have to worry about the complexity of the dealings.

  • Practical experience

    Our trainers are practitioners from Estonia and other countries as well. They teach up to date and will give you highly applicable skills and knowledge.

  • Trustworthiness

    We are officially registered training company in Estonia. Our team has members with degrees in adult education.

  • Trainings in 3 languages: Estonian, English and Russian

    We are able to offer most of our trainings in different languages.

  • Small training groups

    Our typical training groups are small - 4-12 participants so the trainer can take time for each learner.

  • Lunch is included

    If the training lasts more than 0,5 days, lunch is always included in the price.

  • Quality coffee and tasty snacks

    ...this is a must of course 🙂


If 4 or more people from the same company are in need of the same training you should definately ask for a personal offer.

More info


Nordic Training (Nordic Koolitus OÜ) was established on 22nd of May 2019, but our story began years before. Most of us previously worked for one of the biggest IT trainings providers in Estonia (IT Koolitus). We are dedicated to using our years long expertise and experience to offer the best possible training service for you and your business.

We offer hiqh quality practical skills at reasonable prices and long-term partnership with friendly and professional service. 


Gerly Kiidli Nordic Koolitus

Gerly Kiidli

Sales Manager
Phone: +372 5698 6745
Skype: gerlykiidlike


Liis Saks

Project Manager
Phone: +372 5348 7486
Skype: liis1233

Stina Sepper

Training Manager
Phone: +372 5524 436
Skype: stina53

Jaan Vaabel


Main topics:
- Microsoft Office
- digital skills

Meelis Nigols


Main topics:
- Microsoft technical trainings
- servers and workstations

Peep Võrno


Main topics:
- servers and networks

Kaido Järvemets

Kaido Järvemets

Trainer, Consultant

Main topics:
- Microsoft Azure
- Microsoft Enterprise Mobility +Security
- PowerShell

Madis Roosalu

Madis Roosalu


Main topics:
- digital skills
- office
- Linux
- design (Adobe)

Siiri Sann

Siiri Sann

Trainer, Consultant & Mentor

Main topics:
- business models
- export
- growth


Martin Palm


Main topics:
- management
- IT

Partner trainers

We have a partner network of trainers from Estonia and many other countries

If you are a trainer/consultant and wish to discuss co-operation, please be in touch!