1. General terms and conditions

1.1. Nordic Koolitus OÜ (reg nr: 14728308) and its training courses are organized on the basis of adult education legislation, other related legislations and our own study regulations.
1.2. Nordic Koolitus OÜ conducts trainings for adult learners.
1.3. The trainings are based on our training calendar and schedule in suitable training environment.
1.4. The duration of training is calculated in academic hours, 1 academic hour is 45 minutes.
1.5. Trainings can be conducted in groups, as personal consultation both as contact learning or e-learning.
1.6. Trainings are conducted in Estonian, English or Russian language.
1.7. All information regarding trainings is available on our website: www.nordickoolitus.ee.
1.8. Our main field of education is “Information and Communication Technologies”, but we also conduct trainings in other fields of education (business and administration, electronics, personal skills and development etc.) according to International Standard Classification of Education Fields of Education and Training (ISCED-F 2013).

2. Registering to training

2.1. You can register to our trainings by using our website (www.nordickoolitus.ee), phone or e-mail.
2.2. You can get more information from info@nordickoolitus.ee or +372 630 0001.
2.3. Study groups are formed by order of registration time.

3. Payment for training

3.1. You can pay for the training by invoice sent to your e-mail. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address that you have provided when registering.
3.2. Payment for the training is a prerequisite for participating in the training, unless otherwise agreed.
3.3. If you notify us of not being able to participate at least 14 days in advance, we will refund the amount paid 100% in case no additional expenses have been made. In case of additional expenses having already been made regarding your registration (study materials, certificate already ordered etc.), these will not be refunded.

4. Cancellation or postponement of training

4.1. If you are unable to attend training, please let us know as soon as possible (at least 7 days before the start of training) by writing to “info@nordickoolitus.ee” or by phone (+372 630 0001). In case of timely (7 days prior) cancellation by you, we shall reimburse 100% of the amount paid or agree on new suitable training time for you. In case you do not inform us 7 days before the start of training, no fee will be refunded.
4.2. Nordic Koolitus OÜ has the right to cancel the training or postpone the training until the minimal training group has been filled.
4.3. In case of cancellation or postponement we will notify you by e-mail or by phone.
4.4. In case of cancellation or postponement the training fee shall be reimbursed in full (or it is possible to be transferred to another training course if you prefer).

5. Cancellation of training already in progress

5.1. If the participant does not finish the training in progress, no fee will be refunded. In case of serious reasons to cancel current training (illness etc.) it is usually possible to attend same training another time for free (in such case there might still be additional costs, regarding certification, training materials etc.).

6. Attending and completion of training

6.1. It is required to fill our registration form.
6.2. Training is considered completed when 80% of the curriculum is completed and/or other training specific requirements have been met (exam, practical tasks etc.).
6.3. It is strongly suggested to fill our feedback form.
6.4. You will receive Nordic Koolitus OÜ Certificate or Certificate of Attendance when completing training.
6.4.1. The certificate is issued to a learner who has acquired the learning outcomes of that training. More information: https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/126062015009

7. Rights and obligations of the participant

7.1. Participant has the right to:
7.1.1. read study regulations, terms and conditions, information about trainings or get additional information before starting learning or registering for training;
7.1.2. get tax refund in accordance with the Income Tax Act.
7.2. Participant is obligated to:
7.2.1. act in accordance to our study regulations, terms and conditions;
7.2.2. in case of emmergency (fire, water accident etc.) act according to our  administrative order;
7.2.3. take good care of training equipment and other equipment in the training center;
7.2.4. act according to general good custom.

8. Quality Assurance

8.1. Nordic Koolitus OÜ collects and reviews regular feedback from learners and trainers and conducts improvements when needed. 
8.2. Quality Assurance regarding learning environment:
8.2.1. All training rooms are compatible with Estonian laws (regarding safety etc.).
8.2.2. Training rooms are equipted with modern inventory and technical equipment being suitable for adult learning and different study methods.
8.2.3. Study materials used do not violate intellectual property laws.
8.3. Quality Assurance regarding study curriculums:
8.3.1. Study curriculums are available on our website for all trainings.
8.3.2. Study curriculums have been put together according to Estonian laws and regulations.
8.3.3. Study curriculums are considered as  adequate supporting documents for additional learning.
8.4. Quality Assurance regarding trainers:
8.4.1. All trainers are qualified to provide trainings.
8.4.2. Our trainers are considered as experts on their fields, with plenty of experience and practical knowledge considered as an advantage. 
8.4.3. Our trainers receive suggestions for improvements based on regular customer feedback.